Piazzale Mons. Guglielmo Motolese n. 1 •  74123 Taranto

Cittadella della Carità is a Foundation, built in Moral Corporate body with DPGR n.450 of 17/09/1984 and affiliate to the n. 100 of the Register of the Juridical People of the Region Puglia Puglia and to the n. 15 of the register of the Juridical People of the Court in Taranto. Founded by mons. Guglielmo Motolese, the structure is composed by a Nursing home "ARCA", a R.S.A. (Relief Sanitary Residence), and a health centre.



"ARCA" offers services to Patients that, subsequently to cardiovascular, neurological and orthopedic acute events, they need medical therapy rehabilitative for the reintegration in the society. It has 54 places bed : 8 of cardiology, 10 of cardiologic rehabilitation and 36 of neuro-motor rehabilitation. In 2011 an Operating Room has been prepared for the cardiac electrophysiology who gives the possibility of installations , substitutions, pacemakers and I.C.D. and that it makes foresee the future possibility of interventions of ablation of the bundles of Cardiac Management.



The Relief (RSA) Sanitary Residence "Ulivo" is settled with the ASL Taranto for a general availability of 80 bed places articulated on four forms by 20 places each; it is a sanitary structure out of hospital care, whose function is to answer to situations of need of social nature and of sanitary nature typical of the non self-sufficient people (above all elderly) or to serious risk to become such and that cannot be followed, for manifold reasons, to his/her own domicile.



The health centre has been opened to offer a service of diagnostic qualified to the Nursing home "Ark" and to the RSA "ULIVO" of the Foundation; it also offers specialistic visits to the territory in the different jaws of the modern Medicine, part of which you settle with the SSN. It disburses specialistic visits and diagnostic examinations both in regime of convention with the National Sanitary Service, both privately.


CITTADELLA DELLA CARITA’ welcomed, with great joy, the visit of S.S. Pope Giovanni Paul II the 28 October of 1989 what defined it: "A city, a house founded upon the charity, strengthened on the charity, standard-bearer of charity. ..... a work that makes honor to Taranto, is an action of courage, a monument to your human sensibility and Christian.".

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